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My In-Home Nail Salon

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

Do you ever get so excited about something that you have to shout it from the rooftops? Yes? Me too! They always say that negative experiences travel faster than positive ones and I’m really trying to change that unwritten rule in the world, because hey… why not? We have to do better!

I’ve been getting my nails done at a nail salon for as long as I can remember. I would schedule these nail dates with my cousins, and it kind of became a part of my routine and schedule. Recently, I started thinking about all the money I spent on getting regular manicures, gel manicures, dipping powder, tips, and pedicures over the years and if I do some simple computation (with a calculator of course, but I’m horrible at adding things up), I think I’ve spent a good $25,000 on just that. It sounds like a crazy number, right? But, when you really sit down and think about the times you get paid (for me its 26 times a year) and the average cost of my services, which is about $75 ($75 * 26 because I would normally schedule my appointments around pay day) and multiple that puppy by 17, which is the amount of years I’ve been getting my nails done and then subtracting a few lazy years or weeks then now I know were the hell all my money went. May sound hella’ confusing, but I promise you, it made sense in my head.

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting pampered and having someone do it for me. I also love supporting local businesses, but I can’t sit here and justify someone taking all my money for something I can do myself. If it was a random one-off situation, okay, cool, but this is literally every 2-3 weeks. Not happening! It ends here.

So what did I buy this time? Well to start, it’s an investment. I bought a Gel UV Nail Lamp (the ones they use at the nail salon and a whole bunch of gel polishes. I spent about $40 and then hear this…ok, read this…$160 on nail polish! Has nail polish always been this expensive? Where have I been? After having a small heart attack, I pulled myself together and honestly have been super happy so far! Although, I may take longer than a professional, I’m still a perfectionist, so my nails were looking nail salon good! Probably one of my top purchases this year. Here’s the one I purchased:

Sunuv Gel UV Nail Lamp

Purchase the Gel UV Nail Lamp here.

I also found a a website that sold all of my polish faves. I can’t live without Funny Bunny, You’re such a Budapest and Rich Girl and Po’Boys (OPI)! The website offers tools, gel and regular versions of the polish and some amazing combos to save money! The website is I’ve also noticed they do a reward system, so my $160 were not in vain – I guess I get something out of it.

If you decide to buy this and get the same amazing experience as I did, please tag me on IG when you take a picture of your results. I would love to see!



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I’m a creative at heart. There’s absolutely no doubt about that; therefore, it was only a matter of time that I ventured into Etsy. Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade items and craft supplies. Like many people who love personalized gifts, party items, crafts, and a touch of handmade products, I also have purchased a million items from Etsy. Ok, maybe not a million, I’m not rich, but you get it? I love Etsy, and I was focused on becoming a member of this community. No excuses over here.

So momma, I made it! I opened up shop. This didn’t just happen in a day, this took a lot of research, and a few hundred dollars to get started. I had to invest and it’s a no brainer, this comes with every small business, so I was ready! I’m not just talking about investing dollars, but also, time. Lots of time. Thanks to quarantine life, I was able to focus. I wanted to sell items that I would enjoy making, that people would seek and love and that I could easily make – I mean, I am a mom to a toddler and work a full-time job, so I needed something that didn’t require hours of labor (this does not mean that it impacts the quality of my work – don’t get it twisted, I’m still a perfectionist).

I have several active listings and it’s definitely trial and error, but I refuse to fail. I may have to overcome a few hurdles and adjust the way I market my products, but I am manifesting success.

A few key highlights from my shop:

  • I have a line of mom and child/ dad and child matching shirts – I love matching with my son and sometimes I found it difficult to find products that I loved, so I started making them!
  • I have a line of t-shirts – I also offer custom shirts
  • I offer personalized stemless wineglasses, tumblers, masks, bibs, bodysuits, makeup bags, and decals
  • Everything can be personalized (colors, fonts, sizing)
  • I am open to suggestions and custom work – if you ever want something that you don’t see in the shop, please send the shop a message or directly message the shop on Instagram for a quick reply! @shopenidcarolyne

Drum roll please: You can visit my Etsy shop here: shopENIDcarolyne

I have also embedded my Etsy shop within the main menu of my site! If you would like to support my shop by purchasing a product, please enjoy 10% off with a code: THANKYOU10

Thank you!

xoxo, Enid