Juggling Mom Life, Family, Work & School

To truly understand how I juggle my life, it’s important to first provide a quick snapshot of some of my roles, tasks and struggles: I am a mom to a very active toddler I am a Senior Sales Trainer for a telecommunication company – I’ve been here for 11 years and work full-time I amContinue reading “Juggling Mom Life, Family, Work & School”

Baby Registry Essentials

Donde comienzo? *cue the music* There are so many unnecessary items I had on my baby registry. Items I used less than 3 times and I honestly only used them because I felt guilty I had it and was letting it dust up. But… this post isn’t about those items, this is about the stuffContinue reading “Baby Registry Essentials”

Travel – What I pack – Ultimate Checklist

All this quarantine has me doing is reminiscing on the times I used to traveled (as if this was many, many moons ago). I know one day, we will all get the opportunity to travel again so to prepare all of us for our upcoming trips to Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico to nameContinue reading “Travel – What I pack – Ultimate Checklist”