Damage Control

In my DevaCurl post, I mentioned that after using their products my hair fell out significantly. I literally thought I was balding every time that I washed and detangled my hair. Of course I immediately stopped using the shampoo and conditioner; however, I was on the hunt for a product that would save my curlyContinue reading “Damage Control”

DevaCurl Hair Loss

  Photo: DevaCurl results, April 29, 2017 Hello Curly Queens, Grab your cafecito, get comfy and get prepared to dive into my DevaCurl experience. If you don’t already know, DevaCurl is a product line- up that consists of originals, such as No-Poo and One Condition. They also have creams, stylers, and different tools, which allContinue reading “DevaCurl Hair Loss”

Curly Hair Routine 2017

It took me FOREVER to figure out what works for my curl pattern. Needless to say, what works for me may not necessarily work for you. Something I’ve learned about my hair is that sometimes we need to invest in certain products to see if it will tame our lion manes. At this point, whenContinue reading “Curly Hair Routine 2017”

Can’t Commit?

Hello my curly queens. Today’s topic is whether you can or cannot commit to the BIG CHOP! You were probably reading this headline and asking why I’m focusing on commitment issues, but let’s be real – we have relationships with our hair. I want to be clear, I couldn’t commit, however, I continuously cut myContinue reading “Can’t Commit?”