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I’m a creative at heart. There’s absolutely no doubt about that; therefore, it was only a matter of time that I ventured into Etsy. Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade items and craft supplies. Like many people who love personalized gifts, party items, crafts, and a touch of handmade products, I also have purchased a million items from Etsy. Ok, maybe not a million, I’m not rich, but you get it? I love Etsy, and I was focused on becoming a member of this community. No excuses over here.

So momma, I made it! I opened up shop. This didn’t just happen in a day, this took a lot of research, and a few hundred dollars to get started. I had to invest and it’s a no brainer, this comes with every small business, so I was ready! I’m not just talking about investing dollars, but also, time. Lots of time. Thanks to quarantine life, I was able to focus. I wanted to sell items that I would enjoy making, that people would seek and love and that I could easily make – I mean, I am a mom to a toddler and work a full-time job, so I needed something that didn’t require hours of labor (this does not mean that it impacts the quality of my work – don’t get it twisted, I’m still a perfectionist).

I have several active listings and it’s definitely trial and error, but I refuse to fail. I may have to overcome a few hurdles and adjust the way I market my products, but I am manifesting success.

A few key highlights from my shop:

  • I have a line of mom and child/ dad and child matching shirts – I love matching with my son and sometimes I found it difficult to find products that I loved, so I started making them!
  • I have a line of t-shirts – I also offer custom shirts
  • I offer personalized stemless wineglasses, tumblers, masks, bibs, bodysuits, makeup bags, and decals
  • Everything can be personalized (colors, fonts, sizing)
  • I am open to suggestions and custom work – if you ever want something that you don’t see in the shop, please send the shop a message or directly message the shop on Instagram for a quick reply! @shopenidcarolyne

Drum roll please: You can visit my Etsy shop here: shopENIDcarolyne

I have also embedded my Etsy shop within the main menu of my site! If you would like to support my shop by purchasing a product, please enjoy 10% off with a code: THANKYOU10

Thank you!

xoxo, Enid

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