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Ale Acosta – Featured Writer

AleWhere to start on this crazy curly hair journey? Well, one thing is for sure it has been a constant learning process. My transition started before my freshmen year in college. I wanted a new start, I decided to cut all my permed hair. This following year I kept on using heat and did not use my curly hair at all. What does this mean? I did a reset and chopped all my hair off again and left it curly. I had no idea what being a curly haired girl meant and more when you are raised in a latino household where “el pajon” isn’t elegant or cute. You guys have no idea how many times I got told to “pásate un alisado” or “cuándo vas a hacerte algo distinto.” This hurt a lot cause I felt like I wasn’t pretty enough because of my curls. These got bigger and bigger as time went by, but I didn’t have an idea on how to treat it. I would wash my hair without looking at the labels and pretty much would end it with Eco Styler (which I still love).

Fast forward to 2016, my hair was the longest I’ve ever had it. I decided to do highlights and I would blow-dry and flat iron my hair every now and then. My hair got crazy damage after the highlights and my curls went flat. I lost complete confidence in my hair and hated it. I couldn’t style it at all and slowly it started growing and the damaged hair showed even more.

In the Summer of 2017, I went to Puerto Rico and got almost all the damaged hair cut, but even though they gave me a routine to follow my hair wasn’t healthy. For months I did the same hair style porque no sabía como más esconder el heat damage. Finally, during the Fall I got my first ever Deva Cut at Anita’s Kurl in Boston and mi madre! My life changed! She recommended the Deva Curl line which has worked wonders for me. My hair is healthy, shiny and bouncy. The stylist showed me how to use each product for better results and I appreciate her so much for the life changing experience.

I have not used heat in over a year and I love it. I’m focusing on letting my hair grow healthy this time around.

My “go-to products” now are the deva curl line and Carol’s Daughter.

I started by dividing my hair in four sections. I use the no poo conditioner from Deva Curl (blue cap), I massage my hair and rinse. The following products I leave in my hair for ultimate moisture (it was recommended for my type of hair). Later, with my hair soaking wet I use the One Conditioner, Super Cream (smells amazing) and defining gel by Deva Curl. I do alternate some of the products from Carol’s Daughter every now and then. After applying all of the products I diffuse my hair on cool/warm setting so I won’t freeze once I step outside.

Starting a curly hair journey is hard but it’s easier once you start to love “el pajon” que llevas siempre.


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