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Deep Conditioning


Vamos hablar claro about your hair. Why is deep conditioning so important for your hair? There are so many reasons, but what’s important to understand is that the amount of times a month you deep condition and the deep conditioner that you use all depends on your type of hair. Just because your favorite curly hair blogger deep conditions once a week, does not mean that that is the right regimen for you. As with everything else there is trial and error. Ok, enough about my rant, let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons you should deep condition:

  1. Keep your curly locks moisturized. If you’re anything like me you go through these months where your hair is dryer than my phone. Desperate times call for desperate measures and that’s when your deep conditioner can prevent all this nonsense. Keep your curls moisturized.
  2. Help repair damaged or brittle hair. Many of us are transitioning from that heat damaged nightmare, but ladies and gents, deep conditioning can help restore your locks’ full potential. Less breakage and more elasticity.
  3. Deep conditioning helps replace proteins in your hair. According to hairstylist, Mark Townsend, doing this can help you seal the cuticle and grow your hair out. I know I’m not the only one who Instagram creeps and writes #hairgoals under peoples’ pictures. This can HELP you!
  4. Add shine and luster to your hair. Sometimes our hair goes through so much that it loses its natural shine. Well, let me tell you that deep conditioning can smooth the hair shaft and drum roll please, you guessed it – get that shine and luster back.
  5. Keep color from fading. Many of us love to be spontaneous and color our hair. Instead of feeling guilty for bleaching or adding color to your hair, deep condition to prevent damage and keep that color from fading.

Personally, I deep condition every other wash. I know some folks who deep condition every wash day or even once a month. Listen to your hair (y tampoco somos locos, I know hair can’t speak, but you know what feels right or wrong for you).

My current favorite deep conditioner is pictured above: Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner 

A few reminders:

  1. Deep condition for 15-30 minutes. No more than 30 minutes, you will defeat the purpose.
  2. Don’t be afraid of a little heat. Get under a dryer or use a heat cap.
  3. Focus on your ends and then work yourself up.


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