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DevaCurl Hair Loss



Photo: DevaCurl results, April 29, 2017

Hello Curly Queens,

Grab your cafecito, get comfy and get prepared to dive into my DevaCurl experience.

If you don’t already know, DevaCurl is a product line- up that consists of originals, such as No-Poo and One Condition. They also have creams, stylers, and different tools, which all target curly, super curly and wavy girls. I must say it’s marketing genius. It makes curly consumers feel like they have hit the jackpot for amazing, defined curls. Visit DevaCurl for more information on their products.

Let’s begin by saying that social media is hella advanced nowadays. I had searched it in Google and voila here it was plastered all over my Facebook and Instagram. Of course, I’m a pendeja, because 3.2 seconds later I was back on their website thinking about my hair and what products I wanted to purchase. I was ecstatic to try a product that was geared towards my type of hair.

DevaCurl is bottled in bright colors that are enough to catch anyone’s attention – the packaging alone was enough for me to invest. As I was browsing their website, I noticed that their products were a bit pricey. The No-Poo, One Condition and Ultra Defining Gel package goes for $88. I also decided to try their Super Cream Coconut Curl Styler, which is $28, yes you read that correctly, $28. It’s no secret, the product itself is expensive and I have a bad habit of correlating price to high quality, which is mistake numero uno.

I bought it and approximately 7 days later I was ready to wash my hair and try out this product that so many people rave about.

Keep reading, it gets good … 

Pues si, I put a little No-Poo in my hand and started massaging my scalp and running it through my hair. This is a VERY different experience. It does not lather, which was already throwing me off; therefore, I put a lot more in my hand so I can feel like it was doing it’s job. The website states that this type of shampoo doesn’t strip away natural oils and keeps your curls moisturized. Once I rinsed the No-Poo, I turned to the conditioner to detangle – pretty self explanatory and the products smelled great. I left a bit of conditioner as a leave-in (I do this often with any routine).

Next up was the Curl Styler. In four different sections, I smoothed the cream into my hair and scrunched as described in my Curly Hair Routine post. My hair looked great and it dried even better. I have never seen my curls so defined before. I turned into one of those raving consumers who wanted to tell everyone about their results and how amazing the product was.

What you’ve been waiting for …

After 3 uses, I noticed that my hair was falling out. I don’t mean your average hair that falls out when you detangle because that’s normal, but a handful of hair. I was able to roll it into a ball. At first, I blamed it on stress, but it didn’t get better. It had to be DevaCurl! A product that was working so well for my curls had come disguised as a blessing, but was truly an awful curse. I immediately discontinued use, and began the damage control journey.

Our hair is such an important part of who we are and here it was falling out uncontrollably. I started reading reviews (mistake number two) and noticed that many consumers also had the same experience, while others were ecstatic about their results with no issues. It goes to show that what works for others, may not work for you and it’s up to us to learn what’s best for our hair rather than falling into the trap of high priced items with great advertising.

Until next time.

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